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White Easter Lily Fairy

This beautiful little fairy is a great addition to any flower-pot! This past Easter, I wanted to come up with a special gift for my daughter who is both hosting an Easter brunch and just happens to be a fan of Lilies and Fairies. Using a silk lily and 5 ” plastic doll from the re-use center, I was able to come up with a fun, easy project that makes a great addition to an Easter flower arrangement!

Lily Fairy
I deconstructed the lily and stitched two of the smaller petals to the back of a larger one to make the wings. I then took the head and arms from the 5″ doll and attached them with hot glue. The crown is an old piece of plastic flowers, I added  jewels for a bit of bling on her fairy crown. I debated adding sparkles to the wings or body but there is something so appealing in its simplicity that I remain undecided. I added a stick to the pot of lilies and placed my Lily Fairy on to it and my Easter gift to my lovely daughter is ready to go!

Lily Fairy
Happy Easter Crafting!

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