Decorate DIY Barbie Doll Christmas Tree Version #2

Some of you might remember my blog DIY Christmas Tree that Barbie Can Decorate Herself and now there is version #2! All of the supplies are available at the Dollar Tree and it’s a fun, easy and interactive project that your Barbie enthusiast will love.

I’ve been so exhausted after the heart attack that I’m struggling to find the energy to be creative or blog but fortunately I have a back log of projects that have been waiting patiently in draft to be published. I almost forgot I had this! It’s getting close to Christmas but there’s still time to add this to your list.

This is such a fun, affordable and easy project and the best part is that it’s interactive. Kids will love helping their Barbie decorate her tree! I used a red and white parachute from a kids toy for the rug under the tree. Here are the rest of the supplies that I found at the Dollar Tree store.

These mini lights worked perfect. I just inserted the cord of lights in through the base of the tree and then poked the lights through the wire. I would not recommend this for a younger child, this would be more appropriate for 8 or older. Ideally a string of L.E.D. lights would be best if you are making it for a child versus a diorama and then they have the on and off switch and don’t have to use the plug in.

These jingle bells work great for ornaments. They are attached together on a string and I just strung them around the tree and they stayed in place without having to attach them.

Barbie will love adding some sparkling red and green mini Christmas bows!

The Dollar Tree has lots of small sticky back ornaments that adhere right to the tree like these cute little Christmas stockings.

Every tree needs a topper and this red star is ideal. It has two gold twist wires that I was able to insert into the top wire frame.

It isn’t a Christmas tree without presents under it. I wonder what Barbie will be getting from Santa this year?

This would make a wonderful gift. I know I would have loved getting a package with all the supplies and setting up a Christmas tree in my Barbies house!

In addition to being fun, affordable and interactive, you can add new decorations every year. Barbie can also take the decorations down after the holidays and put it up again next year!

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9 thoughts on “Decorate DIY Barbie Doll Christmas Tree Version #2”

  1. Hi Kathy – Thank you so much for kind words and thoughts. I’m so sorry to hear about your mom!! It can be quite a lot to deal with organizing estates and grieving and adjusting so take care of yourself. Good for you for taking a blogging break when you need to. I was very lucky and not for the first time in my life – it took the wind out of my sails so I’m pacing myself until my energy returns – it’s proved to be a process but all moving in the right direction. Thanks again Kathy!


  2. Holy Cow!!!!! I hope you are feeling better!!!! My mom died of a massive heart attack on 12/21/2019, and I’ve been working ever since to settle her estate and take care of my dad. So, I haven’t had a whole lot of time for my blog or much of anything else. I just now read your last post! Feel better soon!!!!


  3. The complete and quintessential DIY for Barbie collectors, doll enthusiasts, lovers of Christmas… you’ve covered the whole gambit injecting us all with the spirit of the festive season. Beautifully done!!

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