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Mother Nature Approved Christmas Decorating Inspirations

As we learn more about the need to care for our planet eco-friendly Christmas decorating ideas are becoming more and more popular. Every year the stores seem to stock shelves stuffed with plastic or synthetic Christmas decorations and gift wraps. As beautiful as it all is and as tempting as it is to buy there is an alternative that has a lot of merit. What about getting  your supplies from Mother Nature?  Not only are her supplies beautiful but nothing says Peace on Earth more than caring about the environment by buying less plastic and synthetic decorations and using natural elements with no manufacturing, packaging or shipping footprint instead.

Sometimes simple is simply beautiful

Branches and pine-cones – no ribbon needed here!

Nothing says natural like popped corn – it makes perfect garland! When the holidays are over, slide the popcorn off the string and sprinkle outside for the birds.

Wreaths are a great opportunity to incorporate Mother Nature’s supplies and the birds and squirrels will go nuts for it when you’re done.

How about these cute wicker coasters with natural embelishments

Now these walnut ornaments are just too cute. I think an option to the red cord would be twine to stay with the Eco-friendly theme but these could be cracked open and shared with the any winter birds or creatures looking for a festive feast!

How about beeswax candles and greenery – now that’s something Mother Nature will be buzzing about!

A few branches and some twine equals divine when it comes to this beautiful tree decoration. Just think about it – no manufacturing (except the twine) no shipping, oil, gas and no packaging, dyes. This example has several retail ornament but this could be be made from completely natural elements and its absolutely beautiful.

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Speaking about trees, I just watched the news recently and they were debating the environmental benefits of using a real tree at Christmas versus an artificial one and and real trees won hands down! Tree farms replant a tree for every tree cut down and of course being natural they don’t impact landfills but fake trees are made with plastics that will never break down not to mention the packaging and fuel for shipping and the future of hundreds of thousands plastic trees in the landfills that will be there for eternity.

How about using natures supply for gift wrap! Take a look at these Eco-friendly inspirations.

There are so many great ways to decorate with Mother Nature’s supplies.

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