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Easy & Beautiful DIY Sun-catcher

I picked up some plastic hearts and heart shaped bracelets at the Dollar Tree and placed them on a metal cookie sheet covered in foil. Next I put them in an oven pre-heated to 350 for about 4 minutes. Watch carefully and remove when the plastic begins to melt and fuse together. I tried it with a round bracelet as well but it didn’t work as well and buckled upwards but the heart shaped bracelets were a success.

The heart shapes were not perfectly heart shaped after melting but its what makes each one unique and whimsical!!

I attached them with stretchy line for jewellery making from the Dollar Tree but you could use fishing line, wool, ribbon or string as well.

I love how it twirls in the breeze. I wish I could adequately capture how it dazzles the eye with rays of sunshine. On this afternoon it was 1 degree above zero and the patio doors were wide open. A much needed reprieve after the previous week of -40 with wind chills . Once you’ve survived that, one degree above zero feels tropical!

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