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How I Met My Sweet Heart: What’s Your Story?

With Valentines day fast approaching I got to reminiscing with a friend about how my husband and I first met so it got me to thinking that this Valentines Day it might be fun to share my “How I Met My Sweet Heart” story and maybe hear from some of you how you first met your Valentine.

How I Met My Sweetheart #Valentines

My story starts almost fifty years ago back in grade school. I met a new friend at school who lived only a block away from me. Unlike my quiet house with only one older sibling; her house was full of children and grandparents, I enjoyed playing over there. In addition, she had brothers and this was something I knew nothing about and one of these brothers had a fort, another thing I knew nothing about.

How I Met My Sweetheart: What's Your Story?
Pixabey Photo

On one of those visits, I was skipping with my new friend in her back yard. I watched as her older brother, aged about ten, came out of the house and headed into this enclosure beside the house, closing the door behind him. I recall looking at the fort. It was like a little shelter or shed with a roof made out of half a ping pong table and a small wooden make shift door. “What’s in there?” I asked my friend, now more than a bit curious. “It’s my brothers fort” she replied. The word fort sounded to me at that moment to be the most adventurous thing I’d ever heard of in the entire neighborhood and I really wanted to see what was in there!

How I Met My Sweetheart: What's Your Story?
(not a picture of the actual shed but you get the idea)

I walked over and knocked on the door ( a big deal for me because I was shy which stands as testament to my level of curiosity) and this boy not taller then myself, though a few years older, opens the door and scowled at me before yelling “I hates girls!” and to add insult to injury, slammed the door in my face. In mere seconds tears were streaming down my cheeks from confusion and embarrassment. I remember his mom comforting me and telling me when he was older, he would change his mind. I likely didn’t care, my feeling were hurt and I missed my big opportunity to see inside of a fort!

How I Met My Sweetheart: What's Your Story?
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Their family moved away shortly after that and we never knew where. Six years later my family moved to a farm up north and surprise, surprise – I get on the school bus and guess who lives on the farm behind me? You guessed correct, my old friend and that rude older brother! What an odd coincidence that both our families end up in a small farming community 350 kilometers from the city where we first met years before – what are the odds?

How I Met My Sweetheart: What's Your Story?
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When she introduced me to her brother, he had no memory of me but his mother was right – his opinion of girls had certainly changed!

How did you meet your Valentine?

20 thoughts on “How I Met My Sweet Heart: What’s Your Story?”

  1. Ah I get that! The problem I had in my past relationships was that I was always fully committed to them – to the point of losing my own identity, yeah. And then breakups came and they hurt twice as much – I had to heal the lost relationship wound and also find a new purpose in my life. I’ve not been in a relationship for almost a year and this time, I made a firm resolution to do as many different things I enjoy as physically possible. Naturally, I don’t want to stay alone forever, but for now, it feels great to for once be focused on myself, my goals, my hobbies and my plans. πŸ™‚

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  2. I love this story! Now that’s a friend!!!! Isn’t funny how shyness can get in the way – how awkward and unsure we can feel for no reason. Good for you for going over and sticking it out. I can see you kids really enjoying that story and giggling at the thought of you two being too shy to talk. Isn’t it funny how these things come about. Thanks so much for sharing this! My apologies for delay replying – I see I missed a few comments. Happy Upcoming Valentines Day to you and yours!


  3. Maybe 2019 is the year! But while you have this time to yourself, embrace it with all you’ve got – if I have one regret it’s that I didn’t take time to really get a sense of who I was independent from being a partner or part of a team. Whoever gets to be the star of your Valentines story will be very lucky!

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  4. So sweet. It was meant to be, you too were bound to see each other again. I met my husband at the Mall we worked at when we were teenagers. One of my co-workers at the doll shop I worked at lied to me and said the guy next door wanted to talk to me, so I went next door to the athlete shop he worked at started to talking to my future husband. But he didn’t seem like he really wanted to talk, he was busy working. I was stubborn and faithful though and when ever I would go on a break I would stop over to say hello and talk. Finally after a couple of weeks of talking, he asked me out. Turns out my co-worker lied and he never did say to her he wanted to talk to me, she just made that up knowing we were both too shy to talk to one another. My husband said he had a crush on me and I also secretly had a crush on him…so funny, that us meeting each other, was based off of a little white lie. Now we tell that story to our two kids and we all laugh about it.

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  5. I had cancelled many dates before I met him on guys that I started to get a bad vibe from after talking for a while. I just got extremely lucky when I met him!

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  6. That’s great – there seem to be so many people meeting that way these days. I always thing of what the odds are, really cool that in all those thousands of choices the two of you find each other.

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  7. ❀️❀️❀️❀️ so sweet! We met on Lol πŸ˜‚ πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

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