What Your Fresh-Cut Flowers Want You To Know!

I can’t be the only one who’s been given a beautiful bouquet of flowers only to find them drooping two days later! It use to make me so frustrated until I finally  discovered how to extend their life and vibrancy. Before I knew it, my wilted cut flower disappointments were a thing of the past.

Whether your flowers are from your garden or you received a bouquet for  a gift, keeping them healthy, perky and vibrant for an extended time is just 3 easy, steps away.

What Your Fresh Cut Flowers Want You to Know. #freshcutflowers #flowerarrangement #boutique #vase #nutrients #carefor

#1 Add Ice
This is my favorite because it works like a charm every single time! Add 5 to 6 ice-cubes to  your vase before adding “cold” water. Leave sufficient room for water level to rise slightly when ice melts. Add a new ice-cubes daily.

What Your Fresh Cut Flowers Want You to Know. #freshcutflowers #flowerarrangement #boutique #vase #nutrients #carefor

2# Feed Your Fresh Cut Flowers  – Here’s a Menu!

How about a shot of Vodka? That will get the party started! The gas ethylene is what causes the plant to wilt and a half a tsp of alcohol can block the ethylene gas production. Cheers!

You’ve probably heard to add sugar to the water but the problem with that is that  sugar causes bacteria so you need to combine it with an acidic partner like lemon/lime  or vinegar that kills the bacteria if you really want to extend the life of your flowers.

A dash of lemonade is the Duchess of Cornwall secret, if it works for her, who’s to argue?

Adding a shot of Sprite or Lemon/Lime soda will provide the flowers with an immediate burst of energy but the stems can get a bit slimy. This being said, if you find yourself with wilting flowers right before your guests arrive for your dinner or big event –  add ice and a shot of sprite to perk things up.

Apple Vinegar Cider (1/2 Tsp for small arrangement 1 tsp for large)
Not unlike Sprite, you get the same result of a strong stem and perky flowers; but unlike Sprite, it doesn’t seem to cause the slimy stem issues and seems to be a better balance of sugars and acid in the long game.

What Your Fresh Cut Flowers Want You to Know. #freshcutflowers #flowerarrangement #boutique #vase #nutrients #carefor

#3  Making Buds Bloom
If you have buds that won’t bloom try dipping them in warm water for a few minutes and then dunk them into a bowl of cold water for 20 – 30 minutes (you can add a few ice-cubes to water if you don’t see results after 20 minutes)  This will result in the bud opening up to its full bloom.

What Your Fresh Cut Flowers Want You to Know. #freshcutflowers #flowerarrangement #boutique #vase #nutrients #carefor
Photo by Kristina Paukshtite

#4  A Flower Up Do
Give your arrangements a gentle spray of hair spray to help them stay perky and prevent flowers from drooping and petals from dropping.

What Your Fresh Cut Flowers Want You to Know. #freshcutflowers #flowerarrangement #boutique #vase #nutrients #carefor

#5 The Cutting Edge
Cut the stems about an inch above the bottom and make sure and use a sharp knife or scissors to prevent damaging the stem. If you cut on a 45 degree angle it increases the surface area so the flower can absorb more water. Don’t forget to clean your scissor or knife blades before and after to avoid transferring any residual bacteria.

What Your Fresh Cut Flowers Want You to Know. #freshcutflowers #flowerarrangement #boutique #vase #nutrients #carefor

I hope some of these suggestion if not all will help you enjoy your cut flower arrangements for an extended time.

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