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Thinking Outside The Vase

I’m always in search of new and creative ways to display cut flowers. Here are some beautiful and unique ideas that are sure to inspire you to “think outside of the vase”

Using a gourd is a great idea and fits in perfectly for Thanksgiving Dinner

Thinking Outside the Vase Gourd Vase

Barrels and baskets are always a winning combination particularly for outdoor events.

Thinking Outside the Vase wooden basket

Is this not the cutest idea ever!

Thinking Outside the Vase

Some times simple is just simply beautiful

Thinking Outside of the Vase beautiful blossom bouquet purple petal flower on bottle

Metal is another of my favorites from old milk jugs to pails

Thinking Outside the Vase metal pail vase

Hopefully this has inspired you to think outside the vase and reconsider what kind of containers you have around the house or garage that you might be able to turn into floral masterpieces. I know I’ve been looking at old things in a whole new way! Also see What Your Fresh Cut Flowers Want You to Know (How to extend the life your fresh-cut flowers_



Free Images Courtesy of Pixebay and Photos by Tuelekza,Khunsapix,Tiverylucky,kittijaroon,feelart,rakratchada torsap

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