Framed Branch Wall Art

Last fall when we were closing things up at the lake, I dragged some branches home. I’ve always wanted to make framed branch art so what better than to use branches from a place you love! I already had a frame I’d found at a thrift store with an inside edge of about 1″ so perfect for adhering branches to. I’m so glad I finally got around to doing this because I love how it turned out! The blue wall color looks like the sky behind the trees.

Easy Framed Branches Wall Art Makes A Lovely Addition to Blue Room Decor. #wallart #framedbranches #blue #bedroom
Easy Framed Branches Wall Art Makes A Lovely Addition to Blue Room Decor. #wallart #framedbranches #blue #bedroom

For supplies you will need
Frame with 1.5″ to 2″ width or inner lip to rest branches on
Saw or Clippers Depending on size of your branches
Hot Glue

Instructions: Cut branches to size and insert them in the frame, move them around until you get the look you’re after. Play around and try different sizes and combinations. When you like what you see, hot glue the ends of the branches to the inside of the frame (or use wood glue)

Easy Framed Branches Wall Art Makes A Lovely Addition to Blue Room Decor. #wallart #framedbranches #blue #bedroom

Once it was done, I discovered in addition to being art, it also makes a pretty great scarf or jewellery holder and could even hang a house coat or towel

After all was said and done, I was really happy with how it turned out. I love having something at home to remind me of the lake during the long cold winter and it’s goes well with the room decor..

Easy Framed Branches Wall Art Makes A Lovely Addition to Blue Room Decor. #wallart #framedbranches #blue #bedroom

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30 thoughts on “Framed Branch Wall Art”

  1. I’ve baked pine cones before to hopefully take care of any unseen critters and any dampness still remaining since I was putting them into a clear glass lamp base and didn’t want them to mold.

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  2. No – I didn’t do a thing. Now you have me worried (spiders maybe?) lol They were out on the back deck and had got covered in snow before I brought them in so hopefully anything froze to death.


  3. Looking at the thumbnail, I thought it was a painting! Lovely idea, it would look great in a modern interior with some raw wood accents; I’ll keep it in mind, it’s one of the styles I’ll consider going for when I have a house of my own ^^

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  4. Thank-you!! Great to hear this – its such a relaxing project and the possibilities are as endless as the branches themselves so enjoy!!


  5. Love this. We have a spare bedroom/office i have started doing in woodsey canadiana. Migjt have to try this if i can find the right branches. Turned out great

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