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Hi Everyone – I wanted to take a minute and say thank-you to those of you have supported me along in my return to blogging this fall. It’s always lonely starting out and somewhat discouraging but then some very wonderful people stepped up and liked my content and nudged me forward with kind words that gave me confidence to keep learning and writing and doing and I thank you so much for that. And Louise (you know who you are) thanks for encouraging me to stay with it and to stay focused on the goal of doing it for the joy of it.

When I returned to blogging from “life happens” I was amazed at how many of the people I had previously followed no longer had blogs, over half! What that told me was blogging is not for the fainthearted and some persevere and others don’t so I had to really stop and ask myself “Why am I doing this?” The answer was easy, because I love it. Not just the projects (most of what I blog about) but I enjoy writing, and organizing my thoughts and words. I enjoy learning new things like how to take better pictures or how to do new things with WordPress (a wee bit challenging some days but hurray for awesome tech support!) And I enjoy reading and learning what other people have to say and share and making new friends along the way.

That being said, it’s tough starting out again and your support has meant the world to me! So to you my WordPress community, thank-you for your follows, your likes and your comments. Reading your wonderful blogs has been fun, insightful and meaningful. I’m wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and looking forward to more sharing in 2019!!

21 thoughts on “Thank-You”

  1. Thank-you for the welcome back! I’m not so good with technology either, I’m use to tech support at work so always interesting doing my own trouble shooting lol There sure are a lot of bloggers that stop posting – life gets so hectic and it’s a lot of work isn’t it. I’m hoping I now have more time to commit myself to it but I have to be careful working all day on computer and blogging on off hours gets tiring pn the eyes really fast so I need to learn to pace myself and go for the long game. Great to hear from you!


  2. Awww…welcome back to blogging. My daughter helps me with my site, I am terrible at technology. I am just having fun so no stress for me. I miss it though when bloggers just disappear and no longer post. I too have lost a lot of bloggers from the beginning, they just stopped posting. It takes time and a lot of work to write up a post.

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  3. Thank you for having the courage to share your story. It’s heart-warming to realize how many wonderfully supportive people there are in this world. You’re doing an excellent job with the blog. I’m looking forward to reading more in the new year. Merry Christmas to you and your family, and all the best in 2019.

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