Edmonton Ice-Castles: How “Cool” Is This!

Edmonton is proud to be the home to the only Canadian Ice Castle and it’s reputation as an award winning attraction is well deserved. There’s no chance of it melting early in 2019 since this year has been a record breaking marathon of freezing whether; the worst stretch since 1979!

We sure had a great time when we took the grandsons last year. I had this in draft thinking we’d go again this year and I could get more pictures but we opted out because every opportunity landed on a -25 Celsius day and I enjoy it, but not enough to battle that kind of cold! Here are some “cool” facts (or should I say Freezing Facts) that any Ice Castle enthusiast will want to know!

Edmonton Ice-Castles Cool Facts and Attraction Review. #Edmonton #Icecastle #review #images #funfacts

Ice Castles is an award-winning frozen attraction located in six cities across North America (Ice Castles Home Page)

The Edmonton Ice Castles is the only Canadian location. Ice Castles was founded by Brent Christensen, a Utah father of six who was looking for more ways for his family to enjoy the outdoors together
( Edmonton Journal)

The Ice Castle is an acre-sized castle crafted by hand using only icicles and water. (Trip Advisor)

Ice Castle Reviews 145 Great Pictures. LED-lit sculptures, frozen thrones, ice-carved tunnels, slides, and fountains (Trip Advisor)

It is five weeks of growing, harvesting, and hand-placing icicles
(Global News)

The walls of the castle reached around 30 feet.
(Global News)

All winter long, about 100 sprinklers drench the structures with water. This spray helps form more icicles and keeps the ice strong. (CBC)

A team of about 25 sculptors work on shaping the castles each day.

It would take a while of +10 C for it to really cause any damage. It creates its own refrigeration (The Weather Network)

We had a great time we went. They suggest buying tickets online in advance but we didn’t and despite a long line up it moved quickly. We had a wonderful time checking out the ice-caves and slides and warming up by the fire! It generates a lot of cold so dress warm and wear boots!

We went in the afternoon so we didn’t get the full effect of the L.E.D. multi-colored lights that are part of the evening experience along with entertainment. I found after about 30 minutes, we’d seen it all so it it isn’t an activity that will fill your afternoon or evening but if the weather is co-operating you will want to linger and take in the beauty and grandeur of it all. The walking paths are all made of snow and ice so not easy going with a wheel chair or stroller but if mobility isn’t an issue it’s a nice stroll around.

The grandsons had a great time and so did we!

This grandma gives it 8 out of 10 icicles

Edmonton Ice-Castles Cool Facts and Attraction Review. #Edmonton #Icecastle #review #images #funfacts
Edmonton Ice-Castles Cool Facts and Attraction Review. #Edmonton #Icecastle #review #images #funfacts
Edmonton Ice-Castles Cool Facts and Attraction Review. #Edmonton #Icecastle #review #images #funfacts
Edmonton Ice-Castles Cool Facts and Attraction Review. #Edmonton #Icecastle #review #images #funfacts

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22 thoughts on “Edmonton Ice-Castles: How “Cool” Is This!”

  1. You are welcome, the castle is really beautiful and it has history, which makes it even more magical❤️

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  2. wow as a fellow Canadian I had no idea, this is a gorgeous as the Quebec ice hotels! and winter fest. In Ontario we has sooo much snow, and record breaking below seasonal temps but it was not that cold at all, a few years ago I remember the below 30s with wind chill almost daily for most of the winter.

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  3. This looks like an incredible and fun place to visit. I am sure your grand kids had a blast! I have often thought about visiting an ice hotel and of course having a shot of vodka at the bar to help warm up 😉

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