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How To Make A Baby Blanket With Adorable Appliques

Polar Bear Baby Blanket With AppliquesWho doesn’t appreciate receiving a hand made gift for their little one? With these easy to follow steps you can make a unique and beautiful baby blanket like this one by Lulu Spencer and it’s sure to be a hit with mom and baby alike.

This project requires a sewing machine, photocopier, print & solid fabric, embroidery thread and basic sewing skills. The blanket in the pictures was designed to be for the car seat but can be adapted to any size.

Step 1
Choose a piece of prewashed fabric with a simple motif that will be easy to cut and recognizable with just the outline and a second solid piece the same size to attach the motif to.

Polar Bear Baby Blanket With Appliques

Step 2
Photocopy a piece of the fabric, enlarging it. In this project the polar bear was enlarged by 70%. Cut the motif out for a pattern piece to use and then pin and cut it out of felt or wool (consider re-purposing an old sweater) that has been preshrunk. Use embroidery thread to hand stitch the motif to the plain flannelette using a running stitch or blanket stitch.

Polar Bear Baby Blanket With Appliques

Step 3
Sew the front panel to back panel (half inch seam allowance), matching right sides together and leave an opening (10 – 12 inches). Trim the corners and surge or zigzag raw edges so that there aren’t any bulky seams. Turn it right side out and press the seams open for a crisper edge using a steam setting on your iron. Press the seams flat before tucking in the opening and sewing it closed. Finally, top stitch 1/4 inch all the way around (10 stitches per inch setting)

Polar Bear Blanket With Felt Applique

Have fun searching for that great piece of fabric and motif that makes your gift one of a kind.

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