3 “Must Try” Banff Attractions For Families With Tweens & Teens

 Video & Review Contributions by Darrion Durrant – Travel & Adventure Reporter (freelance)

3 "Must Try" Banff Attractions For  Families With Tweens & Teens #Banff #attraction #teens #hiking #helicopters

Does your family enjoy a challenging hike in the pristine wilderness? Are you adventurous enough to try some delicious shark, rattle snake or frog legs for dinner? Will it be all hands-up when you ask who wants to experience a thrilling helicopter ride around the peaks of the majestic Rocky Mountains? If this sounds like your kind of family fun, then these Banff attractions are for you!  Watch videos with host Darrion Durrant – Travel & Adventure Video-Reporter and learn more about these amazing Alberta family fun experiences.

Alpine Helicopters (Canmore) – Three Sister Peaks Tour
Alpine Helicopters is located in Canmore (a short drive from Banff, AB Canada) This is only one of several tours available from Alpine Helicopters but it’s a life changing 12 minutes breath taking tour of the  Three Sisters Peaks and the Spray Valley and Lake below. Since 1961, Alpine Helicopters has been offering safe, efficient and cost effective helicopter operations and boasts some of the best and most experienced pilots, engineers and management in the helicopter industry.

DARRION’S REVIEW – Thumbs up! If you love the sight of mountains, this helicopter tour is a great way to see them!  It’s really awesome how you get to hover above them, get close to the sides of them and even see the landscape below. I would definitely recommend this for kids ten and over. It can be a bit frightening when taking off as the helicopter does back up while in the air. As well when you`re walking to the helicopter under the propellers it can be a bit scary but as  long as you follow the rules the staff give you – you will be fine. Five people can sit in the back of the helicopter and one person in the co-pilot seat which was me! You have to wear a head-set and ear coverings because of how loud it is but you are able to talk on the microphone.
Review By Darrion Durrant

3 "Must Try" Banff Attractions For  Families With Tweens & Teens #Banff #attraction #teens #hiking #helicopters

WOW!! Helicopter Tour – Video By Darrion Durran

INTERESTING! Landing in Helicopter – Video By Darrion Durran

The Grizzly House
The Grizzly House located in Banff, AB, Canada within Banff National Park is famous for their fondues and sizzling hot rock selections available in 14 varieties! Enjoy the real Canadian Rocky Mountain rustic atmosphere and decor and savoir the unique food experience!

DARRION’S REVIEW– Thumbs up! The Grizzly House is a great place to eat crazy animals that you may never had thought to eat before like shark, alligator, ostrich, bison, rattle snake, frog legs and so much more! This might sound mean to some people but they have really nice stuffed heads of buffalo, deer and other animals. There are a lot of old tools and instruments hanging on the wall too. It doesn’t take very long to get your food and the best part of it is you get to cook your own food on a hot rock and it`s really good!
Review By Darrion Durrant

3 "Must Try" Banff Attractions For  Families With Tweens & Teens #Banff #attraction #teens #hiking #helicopters #Grizzly_House

Johnston Canyon and Ink Pots
Johnston Canyon Ink Pots is located in Banff National Park. Visit the site to learn more about this pristine wilderness hike (½ day or longer depending on pace and distance) If you’re looking for a real challenge, continue to the Upper Falls and then another 3 km more to the Ink Pots where you will discover seven cold mineral springs bubbling to the surface in the open meadows beside Johnston Canyon Creek. Please visit their website to review importance of safety and care of children. Previous deaths have occurred as a result of people slipping into the stream and being carried over the falls so do not leave the trails or leave children unsupervised when hiking.

DARRION’S REVIEW – Thumbs up! Johnston Canyon is great hike for people who like waterfalls, steep hills and people who like to bring dogs along. If you take small children you may have to carry them up so the best age is 11 – 12 or older. I’m 11 and an experienced hiker and I barely made it to the Ink Pots. It’s amazing – there is a beautiful river, pathways and a place to eat. You’ll have to see for yourself or view the pictures and video’s below. Review By Darrion Durrant

3 "Must Try" Banff Attractions For  Families With Tweens & Teens #Banff #attraction #teens #hiking #helicopters

Inns of Banff
Of course while you’re taking in the activities and attractions you need accommodations as well. Check out the Inns of Banff is located in Banff, AB, Canada within Banff National Park. It offers guests spectacular views of the Rocky Mountains. and there are a range of room options including cottages.  In addition, they have both an indoor pool and a roof top hot pool as well as a pub, restaurant and so much more!

DARRION’S REVIEW– Thumbs up! The hotel is an amazing hotel and you can bring dogs. The rooms were nice and clean with comfy pillows, HD movies and a heated pool on the roof. This is a great hotel to stay at but there was lots of noise and people who like to party. Review By Darrion Durrant

3 "Must Try" Banff Attractions For  Families With Tweens & Teens #Banff #attraction #teens #hiking #helicopters

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