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How-To Make Easy Sparkling Barbie Doll Purses (Beginner Barbie Craft Series Project 4)

By Starr Durrant


What Barbie doesn’t like a fabulous  collection of designer hand bags?  Make these super cute and easy Barbie doll purses and create your own line of Barbie designer dreams bags! Each bag takes less than a minute to make, the supplies are available at most dollar or craft stores and no sewing required! This would be a great project for a birthday party activity.

Barbie Purse


I used glitter foam sheets (self adhesive back) from the dollar store. It comes in a variety of colors and is super easy to work  with. If you can’t find this you could use fancy paper.

String, cord, elastic, wool, narrow ribbon – something that will work as a purse strap

Bead or jewel for latch

Easy N0-Sew Barbie Purse

 Cut a piece of the sparkly foam into what ever size purse you like. An average size would be 2″ X 3/4 inch (remember the strip you cut will be bent in half) For a clutch cut a shorter length.


Peel of back to expose self adhesive


Take one end of a string (purse strap) and stick it in the middle to one side. Use a longer string for shoulder strap and shorter for hand bag.


Loop the string under and attach the other end to the sticky surface

5 (2)

Flip the strip over bending it in the middle and squeezing the ends of the strip in- between.


Cut out a triangle from another color for the flap.


Remove paper from back of triangle flap and adhere to purse.


Attach a stick on gem or bead for latch.


Barbie Purse

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