Christmas Gift Bag Decor Accents

I originally posted this in 2015 but I just found this fabulous textured gift bag and had to do an update. This bag feels and looks like needle point and makes for some beautiful decor accents!

By just cutting out the size you need and inserting it into the picture frame or simply cutting out a strip to wrap and glue around a candle holder you have beautiful , easy to make Christmas decor accents. It’s that easy!

I’m forever buying Christmas gift bags at the dollar store, they come in so many vibrant colors, patterns and textures. I also get some beautiful gift bags coming back my way. I fell in love with this red and white sparkling design. Wouldn’t this make a beautiful gift set!

This sparking and colorful ornament design is perfect for re-purposing. You could even make matching napkin rings.

Supply List – Gift Bags, Scissors, Hot Glue (or tacky glue or two sided tape), Vase or Candle Holder, Picture Frame

Instructions: Making these decor accents is so easy! For vases or candle holders simply measure the height and cut out a strip from the bag long enough to go around the container and glue it with hot glue to the outside of the vase or candle holder. You could use two sided tape or tacky glue for the candle holders or vase if you prefer.

For picture, just cut out a section of the bag to the right size that matches your frame and insert.

TIP: If you  see a bag you really like buy several at a time – this allows for any mistakes or if you want to expand you set  with more matching accents you don’t have to worry about going back to the store only to find out they are sold out of them.

Reporter Dez Melenka from CTV –On Your Street joined in on learning how to make these easy decor accents when she interviewed me about The Joy of Crafting

There are so many possibilities! I hope I’ve inspired you to turn something old into something new!

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16 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Bag Decor Accents”

  1. Thank you. Yes, its nice that reusing things is coming back into fashion again. They make great little gift sets. My grandma use to fold and save all the gift wrap too! Merry Christmas

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  2. Ive seen a few of these framed bags diy and must make one next year. We had a nan who use to fold up the paper as we all opened gifts and reuse it, we all laughed but then there I was as an adult saving bags and reusing them lol. What a great way to resuse them like this.

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