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DIY Christmas Sock Candy Dish & Candle Cozies

This is another Christmas sock blog because the possibilities are endless! Hopefully you saw my last Christmas blog Drink Cozies, this is the same idea but using the socks to make awesome vases, candles and candy dishes in minutes for under $5.00 and no sewing involved!

DIY Christmas Sock Baby Bottle Cozies Candy Dish, Vase, Candles, Socks

For the 2 shorter candy dishes, I just cut the sock off half way up and then slid the candy dish inside the sock and folded the cut edge down over the rim. With the taller wine glass candy dish I stuffed the toe of the matching sock into the wine glass and then pulled the rest of it over the outside of the glass. In this case the belt buckle ends up upside down but whimsical works here.

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For the candle I wanted to keep the fabric on the outside of the glass for safety so I tucked the cut edge over so it was touching the outside of the glass rather than folding it over the rim. The vase I did the same as the small candy dishes, I slid the vase into the sock, pulled it up and tucked the remaining over the rim.


See DIY Christmas Sock Drink Cozies for more ideas!

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