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DIY Christmas Appetizer Skewers

These  Christmas skewers are so festive, fun and easy to make! Add some holiday cheer to your appetizers! These are great for fruit kabobs, cheese, shrimp – the possibilities are endless!

Plastic Skewers
Stick on or glue on Christmas embellishments
Glue if you aren’t using sticky back embellishments
Fruit, Cubed Cheese or your choice of appetizer or snack

You can find these plastic skewers at Dollar Tree or most dollar stores. I love that they come in Christmas colors and they also come in different sizes and types.

There are so many different types of embellishments you can add from stickers to small bows, and all sorts of different tiny items  you can find at the Dollar Tree or any dollar store.

You simply glue or adhere sticky back embellishments to the top of the skewer! It doesn’t get any easier. Aren’t these cute!

I think you’ll agree, these add a bit of fun to the celebration. They are unique and fun to make and it’s nice for your guests to be able to just pick one up and easily put it on their plate or pop it right into their mouth. This is a great way to get kids involved too – fun for young or old!

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